NORFOLK-Whether you bike for exercise, for fun or for competition, at some point, your cycle will need some work.

I learned about the bike biz from Paul Flannigan, who has owned and operated Norfolk Bicycle Works since 2006, and co-owner Nathan Sondelski.

My first job was to change a flat tire.

'Once you get a flat tire, you are dead in the water and you have to address it immediately,' Flannigan said.

Whether it's a mountain bike or an more traditional one, they can fix just about anything.

Norfolk Bicycle Works has built a loyal following. Ted Tzavellas wouldn't go anywhere else.

'Good value for the money and these guys are just affable, professional and very effective and efficient,' he said.

Sondelski has some tips for every bike owner.

'There are things like chains wear out. As a chain wears, it's going to start wearing the cassette and the cogs. Just some basic lubrication. Bikes are machines. They like to be cleaned and lubed,' he explained.

I finished changing the tire. Would Paul and Nathan hire me?

'I think you'd be okay, but the one question I have, though, is can you grow a beard?,' Paul said jokingly.

You might guess, Yes, Paul has a beard.

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