President Obama has chosen Janet Yellen to take over when Fed chairman Ben Bernankeends his term in January. Her confirmation hearing will be watched closely by Wall Street. She's expected to signal that she doesn'tintend to change the Fed's stimulus program, for now. Yellen favors loose money policy and has said that theFed has made progress but that is has further to go.

There's some good news if you're in the market fora used car. It seems new car buyersare flooding showrooms, which is causing used car prices to hit a four-year low.In the third quarter, the average used car sold for $15,617 andsome experts think those prices could go even lower.

Switzerland is now home toa new concept for a Starbucks store. It's actually a train car and it runs betweenGeneva, Switzerland and its airport. Upstairs, there is seating for 50; downstairs, there's a standing bar. Right now, there arenoplans for anything like this here in the US.

Netflix users get ready. Amakeover is coming! The video subscription service will be featuring, among other things, a streamlined look and more advanced suggestions on what you should watch.

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