The Ford Escape is being recalled for a the seventh time since it's redesign eighteen months ago. About 140,000 of the popularSUVs could have oil leaks and thousands more could have fuel leaks, which could cause engine fires.

Apple may be working on a new camera for its mobile devices. The company was recently awarded a patent fora light field camera. The camera is said to allow photos to be refocused after they've already been taken.

How do you know if you're getting a good Black Friday deal? The '30 percent rule' is what experts say you need to use. Most stores expect to sell merchandise at 30 percent off, so if you see a discount that is more than that, you know you are getting a good deal.

It seems a popular toy from fifteen years ago is a hot item again. The Furby is set to be on a lot of wish listsagain this year, but this time the new 'Furby Boom' is more technologically savvy. It uses a smart-phone app so you canmonitor all of its vital signs.

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