Shoppers came out in force on Black Friday, but they weren't parting with their hard earned money that easily.Total spending was a little more than $57-million. That'sdown three percent from last year. The average shopper only spent $407, about a four-percent decline from last year.

Consumers areheading back to work today just in time to shop online. On Cyber Monday, there tends to be deeper discounts and many sites offer free shipping. Airlines, hotel chainsand eBay arealso offeringdeals today. Even with all those discounts out there, only a slight increase in online shopping is expected.

This year when it comes to delivery, we have to rely on the usual ways. Within a few years, Amazon is hoping to begin deliveries using un-manned drones! That would mean customers could get their purchases within 30 minutes. You might think with this venture that technology would be the biggest problem, but it actually may be the FAA and whether or not the agency would allow such flights in residential areas.

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