UPDATE 3/15: Autopsy results confirm the body found was Cathryn McGill. The cause of death was drowning.

UPDATE 3/14: Abody was discovered early Friday afternoon near the search site for Cathryn McGill, according to Indiana DNR officials.

A local resident discovered the body lying near some corn stalk debris close to the mouth of a creek that feeds into the White River.

The body has not been positively identified as Cathryn McGill. An autopsy has been scheduled for Saturday afternoon.


UPDATE 1/13:Indiana DNR spokesman Jay Haywood says the search area whey they hoped to find McGill has been cleared.

Haywood says McGill was likely carried into the main channel of the White River.

They continue periodic searches, but they believe it may take two months or more for the body to surface.

'We will pick up our patrols when we get closer to that time frame,' Haywood told


UPDATE 12/31 6:20 p.m.:Search efforts have concluded due to darkness. Search operations will resume shortly after daylight Wednesday morning, authorities said.


UPDATE: 12/31: The search for Mrs. McGill is expected to resume at daylight Tuesday.

Conservation Officers will be deploying a Remote Operated Vehicle Tuesday to assist in the search efforts. Although current river conditions are not optimal, the ROV, a tethered submersible unit housing a camera and sonar, may aid search efforts.


UPDATE: 12/30 5:23 p.m.: Indiana Conservation Officers located what they believe to be the McGills' Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck submerged in the water, approximately 75 yards from the roadway.

Officials said Adam McGill was released from the hospital today after being treated for hypothermia.


PIKE COUNTY, IN -- A Chesapeake woman is still missing after the car she and her husband were driving was swept away by flood waters along an Indiana road Sunday.

Officials say Cathryn McGill and her husband Adam were in their car along Highway 257 until waters became too high.

The couple got out and were hanging onto nearby tree branches in the water, witnesses tell WAWV in Terre Haute.

Crews were able to rescue Mr. McGill, but Mrs. McGill could not hold on long enough to be pulled from the water, officials said.

Mr. McGill, a Navy sailor, is currently at a hospital in Evansville with hypothermia, officials said.

Search and rescue efforts began again early Monday morning. Local sheriff's deputies, along with emergency management officials, used dragging and side scan sonar to try and locate Mrs. McGill.

The Red Cross was providing food and shelter for to searchers.

Those who lived nearby say the area is prone to flooding and something needs to be done to keep anyone from driving through the area.

'The sheriff, conservation officers, and local people, several local people from this area were out there in their boats in the dive team people would even get in with them and go out and look,' said Elaine and Dexter Stafford of Pike County. 'Go back, don't try it. I want to put a sign up on the road that says turn around don't drown. I think they should barricade all the way across the road, and make it impossible. Wire the barricades just in the center of each lane? There's a car with around each side, and right in the center, why not barricaded where no one can get around?'

Mrs. McGill is originally from Des Plaines, Illinois and is a skating coach at Chilled Ponds in Chesapeake, officials told

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