What is it? A vertical cooking system for eggs.

What does it claim? To be as easy as 1, 2, 3! No butter, no fat, no mess. Simply perfect eggs!

Who tested it? Amie Lou Williams she's a full-time student, mom-to-be and Virginia Beach resident.

What Are The Instructions? Before getting started you should wash your Rollie Grill with the supplied brush and a small amount of dish soap. Be sure your appliance is unplugged before you do this. Be sure to avoid water contact with the cord plug and indicator lights. Once the appliance is rinsed and dried you're ready to go. Put your Rollie on a flat, heat-resistant level surface. Plug it in and the red light will come on to indicated the product is turned on. When the green light comes on you know it's ready to go. Then be sure to spray your the Rollie cooking chamber with non-stick oil spray. This is a very important step. Next crack open 1 to 2 eggs directly into the cooking chamber. For fully cooked eggs, cook approximately 6 to 8 minutes at which time the eggs may normally rise out of the cooking chamber. If they don't you can pour out your eggs. It's important to note you may have to shake the Rollie to get your eggs out or use a wooden skewer. If you like softer eggs, simply pour out eggs from the cooking chamber at 5 1/2 minutes.

Did it work? Williams was not impressed at all. While she did initially forget one main step in the process. She gave it another fair try and she said it failed. While it was not difficult to operate she wasn't very pleased with the results. She cooked her eggs in the Rollie grill for the length of time required but when they came out of it she didn't think they looked very appetizing. In fact she didn't even want to try them. She says with the Rollie it took her longer to cook an egg than it usually takes her to scrambles it. So when it comes to time and presentation she gives the Rollie Grill a thumbs down. She says she'll keep scrambling her eggs in a frying pan.

Cost/Availability? We purchased our Rollie Grill at RiteAid on sale for $14.98. But it is normally priced at $29.99

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