VIRGINIA BEACH -- 'I wouldn't suggest coming out here if you don't have to at all,' said C. C. Boone, ' 'cause it's really slick out here, and it's pretty dangerous, especially on the side roads.'

The Chicago native made a quick run to the grocery store close to her home in Virginia Beach Wednesday night when major roads seemed relatively clear of snow and ice, but streets in many neighborhoods remained covered with slick spots.

'We don't see this a lot in Virginia Beach,' Boone noted. 'I'm just glad it doesn't do this all the time in Virginia Beach.'

Traffic was light throughout much of Hampton Roads. Some shopping centers were empty for the most part.

Rob Munson, who has a lot of experience driving in snowy and icy conditions, told 13News Now the lack of traffic was welcome.

'Right now, it's pretty bad, and tomorrow (Thursday) morning, I'm sure when it starts to melt, it's gonna be worse,' Munson said. 'I think I'll stay home.'

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