UPDATE 1/30: Industrial Hardware in Chesapeake and Dail's Hardware in Portsmouth both say they hoped to get a shipment of shovels today, but a truck didn't deliver. They are now hoping for Friday.

Taylor's Hardware in Norfolk said they ran out of shovels Tuesday. Their next shipment isn't until next Tuesday.

Home Depot in Norfolk said they have shovels!

UPDATE 1/29: Home Depot on Military Highway says they are running low on snow-related inventory and employees say they aren't expecting shipments anytime soon.

On Wednesday morning, there were about ten bags of sand, twenty shovels and several bags of salt left on the shelves.

'I was so lucky to get one of the last shovels,' said shopper Rudy Mason. 'My old shovel broke this morning.'


SUFFOLK -- If you need to stock up on groceries like bread and milk you may want to hurry. Area stores are seeing an influx of shoppers with the approaching snowstorm.

Renee Sandifer of Suffolk was in the Farm Fresh grocery store off Main Street last week before the first snowstorm. She was in search for things for her kids since they would be out of school.

'I was in the same store last week buying stuff, snacks anything just to keep them busy,' said Sandifer.

She was in the store again Tuesday doing the same thing.

Employees continued to stock and restock the shelves throughout the day as people continued to wipe out their shelves.

Store employees said many items like water, milk, bread and toilet paper have been running low. They are advising people to shop early because they only expect items to get scarcer.

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