1/31 7 a.m. UPDATE: Public Works crews continued their snow removal efforts until midnight, giving way to just a few crews crews overnight.
All emergency, primary, secondary and connector roads are now clear and open to traffic. There are icy patches on certain routes, mostly in south Chesapeake, that have been treated with the salt/sand mix.
Public Works will resume normal operation at 7am tomorrow. Crews are prepared to be deployed if necessary.

Click here for a list of streets that have been treated as of midnight January 3.

1/30 8:00 a.m. UPDATE:Chesapeake officials say most emergency routes are in good condition.
Greenbrier, Volvo and North Battlefield are bare asphalt for most of their length; still touching up spots on Route 17 and are clearing ramps along the expressway.
All lanes on Kempsville Rd east of Greenbrier were plowed and spread with the mix.
In general, Primary routes were treated with two or more complete passes - ex: Great Bridge Blvd, Campostella, Dock Landing,Taylor Rd.

Click here for a list of streets that have been treated as of 6 a.m. January 30

Most primary roads are being plowed and sanded, are mostly passable with caution as the surface is packed snow over ice.
West Road, Shillelagh Road, and Old George Washington Highway were cleared with a road grader, then sanded and salted; crews will try to branch out to smaller connectors; most interior neighborhood streets are iced over.
Many secondary roads are being worked with passes of salt mix and plowing. But they remain in poor condition. The objective is to let the salt mix work overnight and plow them more heavily in the morning.


UPDATE 6 p.m.: Crews are making steady progress with emergency routes and are continuing with the primary roads and into the secondaries.

The plan is to treat icy spots on emergency routes, and continue applying salt/sand mixture on primary and secondary routes followed by plowing.

The city is still operating with 32 trucks. An additional seven-member VDOT team will join the workforce at 7 p.m. Two motor graders have been pushing snow on Shillelagh Rd. and Old George Washington Highway this afternoon. There will be four more motor graders on connector streets tomorrow at 8 a.m. as they will be more efficient during daytime hours.

Motorists are cautioned to be mindful of icy roads tonight, and to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.


11:15 a.m. UPDATE: The snow has stopped and city officials say they're making 'significant progress' clearing emergency routes and some main roads.
'The neighborhood roads are still very snow covered, very hazardous,' said spokesman Heath Covey.

CHESAPEAKE-Chesapeake officials say they've got seven inches of snow and the snow's still falling. but it was beginning to taper off around 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Crews continue to plow emergency routes and primary routes, but they're finding that those plowed roads are getting re-covered with snow quickly. Officials stress the roads won't be safely passable until after the snowfall ends.

The city had 35 trucks on the road early Wednesday.

City spokesman Heath Covey says emergency routes, in general, have have four passes with plows and trucks while primary routes have seen three.

'We will apply a heavy coat of salt/sand mix once it stops snowing followed by plowing and will need to repeat the same steps one more time to have the roads passable,' Covey added.

The Virginia Dept. of Transportation sent 14 trucks to assist Chesapeake crews with the snow. One of them went down with transmission issues, however, Covey stated.

With the snow ending, crews can now get ahead of the snow with salt/sand and plowing, Covey stated.

Additional trucks are part of the state resources we were able to access by having declared a State of Emergency, Covey explained.

As for the streets in your neighborhood, they won't get cleared.

'We are not able to plow into neighborhood roads,' said Covey.

The city is under a Winter Storm Warning until 1 p.m.

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