NORFOLK -- Some of the messages you find on your child's cell phone might not have you LOL. That's laughing out loud in cyber slang.

There's a good chance some of those abbreviations are ways to talk about sex and drugs.

'That's the problem. Kids are always evolving the slang, so it's hard to keep up, it's very difficult,' Jeri Prophet of Intellectechs in Virginia Beach says.

13News Now uncovered the freshest new terms your kids or their friends are using. GNOC means 'Get naked on camera' and D46 means 'Down for sex.'

'It's not something like, oh someone has heard of. This is a common occurrence.' Prophet notes.

Kids are typing '182' to tell someone 'I hate you.' The common term for throwing a house party is 'kick back;' BYOW is 'bring your own weed.'

Another shocking phrase is 'Rainbow.'

'The males have multiple females performing oral sex on them with multicolor lip gloss, which creates a rainbow effect. The thing that is most shocking about this is my son goes to Princess Anne High School and this is a very prevalent activity,' Prophet states.

Experts say if you try to see what your kids are typing, you might see 'POS' for parents over the shoulder' or 'BB' for big brother.

Police are concerned about sexual predators learning this language to get close to children.

'When they research and they find that information, they may be using that for illegal purposes or to victimize our children,' warns Virginia Beach Police spokeswoman MPOTonya Borman.

The phrase WAYN means 'where are you now?' That alarmed parent Becky Joubert.

'When you think of who else might be asking, that it is dangerous,' she says.

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