NORFOLK -- Cities across Hampton Roads continue to prepare for inclement winter weather.

Many cities have already ordered and received tons of salt and sand to treat the roads. Virginia Beach Public Works spokesman Drew Langford said the city has about 1,000 tons of the material spread out at various locations.

'We're good right now if we had two storms, two to three storms along the line of what we saw a couple of weeks ago,' said Langford. However, it isn't the snow that has public works crews overly concerned.

'Maybe the biggest threat which is the biggest thing we worry about it ice. It just depends when it falls what kind of precipitation we get once the temperatures drop, really ice, black ice is a bigger concern than four or five inches of snow,' Langford added.

If it doesn't snow 'the frost patrol' checks bridges, ramps and overpasses. These crews treat the areas that are prone to freeze; they go out around 2:30 a.m. before the morning rush hour. The frost patrol has been treating the roads since November and will continue through March whenever temperatures drop below freezing.

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