HAMPTON -- A bumpy ride could mean an expensive repair bill for Isaac Cooper, whose car was recently damaged while driving down a city street in Hampton.

Cooper says two of his tires and rims were bent and split after he hit a big pothole. The cost to repair the damage could be as much as $2,200, he said.

Cooper decided to call the city to file a claim. To his surprise, he said, the city called back and opened a claim for him.

'I've got to get an appraisal and get her the invoice and I'm going fax the invoice to the insurance company,' Cooper said. 'He already told me, pretty much, that they're going to take care of it.'

The City of Hampton's offices were closed on Monday and a city spokeswoman was not available for comment.

But figures from the City of Virginia Beach show that cities do pay repair bills for cars damaged by potholes.

The city's risk management office says it paid $4,800 for pothole-related damage in 2013.

By early Monday afternoon, Isaac was still waiting on a phone call from the City of Hampton's insurance company. He's hopeful the city will help him out.

'It's looking go so far, so I'll just have to wait and see,' Cooper said.

Contact information to file pothole damage claims:
Norfolk: 757-823-4050
Virginia Beach: Risk Management: 757-385-4217
Hampton: 757-727-8311
Newport News: 757-933-2311
Chesapeake: 757-382-2489

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