CHESAPEAKE -- Sheila Owens was pregnant with her youngest daughter when her father, Benjamin Owens, was gunned down at a Chesapeake gas station where he worked in February 1998.

'When the knock at the door came and all the children came running and said mamma, something has happened to grand dad,' Owens recalled.

Sixteen years later, Owens' youngest daughter is in high school and the case of who killed her father still hasn't been solved.

The Chesapeake Police Department has classified it as a cold case.

'I would like to see justice be done,' Owens said. 'I would like the person or persons responsible held accountable for the murder--the senseless murder--of my father.'

Benjamin Owens was working as a store clerk at a Texaco gas station when he was killed.

No arrests have ever been made in his case.

Sheila Owens said her mother spent the next 14 years of her life working to solve the mystery of who killed her husband. She died two years ago.

'My mother dreamed that she would live to see this happen and I want her last cry to see justice done,' she said.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Detective R.W. Young at (757)382-8459.

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