VIRGINIA BEACH -- A crowd of people watched SWATteam members Wednesday night as they surrounded a home on Margate Avenue just off Lake Edward Drive.

Police were trying to serve a warrant on someone they believed was in the home. By the time they entered, the only person they found inside was a 3-year-old girl.

'It's the mother's house, and they were looking for the dad. I do know that,' said George, who is friend's with the girl's mother, and asked he be identified by his first name only.

He and his wife, who often babysits the 3-year-old, were there with the girl's mother, waiting for officers to reunite the two.

'The problem we had was just, get the baby out, and do whatever you gotta do. We're not trying to defend the law or trying to hold up for anybody,' explained George.

The situation in Lake Edward Wednesday added to unwelcome excitement the community has had in recent weeks.

Last weekend, shootings on Margate Avenue and Barrison Way left 2 people dead and one person hurt.

The weekend before that, someone found the body of Cyle Strahl inside his home on Red Horse Lane.

'This was a great opportunity to let the word be spread about, you know, taking back our community,' said Sharon Bullock with the Lake Edward Area Civic League.

Bullock made here way through the crowd of people Wednesday handing out cards with information about civic league meetings, hoping to recruit more people to talk about the problems affecting the community and how they can work to address them.

'We have tax-paying people out here. We have homeowners out here, and we're raising kids,' said Bullock. 'You have a few bad apples, you know, in the bunch, but what I want people to know is they don't have to be afraid. You know, come out, support your community. There's power in numbers.'

The Lake Edward Area Civic League meets the third Monday of every month at the Williams Farm Recreation Center. The meeting for April takes place on the 21st. It begins at 7:00 p.m.

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