NEWPORTNEWS --Newport News Councilwoman Tina Vick is finally answering questions about what we uncovered in a 13News Now investigation into city spending.

Our investigation found Vick spent nearly $600 attending social events hosted by charities, sororities and other organizations.


City records also show she used a city-owned car 86 days between March 2013-March 2014, including 21 straight days in October 2013.

'I feel like as a person who has a right to use the car, I like to go and see what my constituents are talking about when they call me about problems,' Vick said. 'I use the car because it has official business.'

Vick refused to talk with us for our story that aired in late April, ignoring two weeks of phone calls, text messages and requests made through city staff.

At one point, she scheduled an interview but then did not show. Calls and text messages to re-schedule the interview went unanswered.

Tonight at 6 p.m., hear Vick explain where she was driving in the city car and why she thinks spending hundreds in taxpayers' money on social events for herself benefits the community.

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