NEWPORT NEWS - Thursday's deadly tractor-trailer on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel brought back haunting memories for Almira Ribic.

'God bless every truck driver, every truck driver,' said Ribic through tears after learning of the CBBT crash. 'It's hard, hard work, very hard.'

Ribic knows better than most how hard truck driving can be.

She lost control of her truck on the Monitor-Merrimack Memorial Bridge-Tunnel last April.

'When it's happening, it's hard to control it, you cannot control it,' said Ribic, who lives in Newport News.

Ribic dangled above the James River in her truck's cab for hours as crews worked to rescue her.

She's convinced had she been hauling cargo, like the driver in Thursday's accident, she wouldn't be alive today.

'It depends on how heavy his cargo is, maybe it pushed him even further, little bit more,' said Ribic.

Since last year's accident, Ribic says she's struggled with severe post traumatic stress disorder.

Her family helps her get through each day -- a group of people she'll hold even closer after Thursday's accident.

'I feel very sorry for his [deceased driver] loss for his family, if he's lost.'

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