FORT WORTH They've done their military duty, carrying supplies, munitions, and troops. Now many retired government vehicles are ready for civilian life with loggers, ranchers, farmers and hunters.

'Just somebody wants a toy,' says Gary Knifong of The Liquidity Services Marketplace.

Knifong said his company's Government Liquidation website offers up surplus military rides in online auctions and splits the proceeds with Uncle Sam.

'It's good for us; it's good for them,' he said.

The military ought to get some bang for its buck. Many of the vehicles likely never left their home base or post.

One example: A military transport truck that cost the government $67,000. The engine and tires looked brand new. Knifong told us that in its entire lifetime of military service, it has been driven just 79 miles.

'It looks brand new,' marveled shopper Bryant O'Neal. He was amazed how little this mothballed military equipment had used, and that it's for sale for pennies on the dollar.

'I might try to buy one,' he said. 'My wife would probably try to kill me if I show up with it.'

He's tempted, though. Minimum bids are just $25, but be prepared to pay for a gas-guzzler... and your insurance company may also have some questions about the purchase.

Also be ready for lots of three-point turns. Most of the available military vehicles are big and bulky.

Most who buy, though, drive them right off the lot. Knifong said the vehicles are all street legal.


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