HAMPTON -- A final report on a master plan for Armistead Pointe Park in Hampton will be reviewed by City Council Wednesday afternoon.

The Armistead Pointe Park Master Plan was approved in 1998 for the 79-acre site at Armistead Avenue and Hampton Roads Center Parkway. Since then, the Boo Williams Sportsplex has been built on part of that land.

The city has done studies and asked residents for input about the park's focus. The top three concepts are an expanded sportsplex/indoor track, an expanded and relocated BMX park and a 50-meter pool. Look at/download the various plans

According to the city Web site, all three projects remain under study but the focus is the sportsplex expansion, along with outdoor, community and school recreation venues. Officials say other sites in the city are being considered for possible BMX expansion and a 50-meter pool.

Hampton Council will meet at 1 p.m. at the Hampton Roads Convention Center for a work session to discuss to final report and recommendations for the park and Sports Tourism initiatives.

Watch the City Council meeting live

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