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What is it? a two-in-one snack and drink cup

What does it claim? to be the all in one, go anywhere, snacking solution

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and busy mother of two Kathy Shelton.

What Are The Instructions? Before you get started, it's recommended that you wash all the parts thoroughly. Then place your Snackeez cup flat on a table and unscrew and remove the Snackeez snack bowl. Next, fill the Snackeez drink cup to just above the rubber hand grip with 16 ounces of your favorite drink, making sure to leave room for the snack bowl. With your snack bowl off, insert the top of your straw (that's the end without the stopper ring on it) through the opening underneath the snack bowl, pushing until it comes out at the top. Now you're ready to screw the snack bowl on top of your Snackeez cup, making sure the bowl is securely in place against the top of the cup.

Next , open the lid and fill it with four ounces of your favorite snack. Close the lid. You'll hear it snap in place when it's fully closed. Now you're ready to go with your snack and your drink in hand.

Did it work?Sheltonwas very impressed. There wasn't anything she didn't like about Snackeez.

Cost/Availability? We purchased Snackeez at Walmart for around $10.

Additional Comments: Snackeez cannot be used in the microwave and it is not intended for hot items. It also poses a choking hazard because of small parts, so it is recommended that you keep it out of reach of children under the age of 3. In fact, it is only recommended for people age 8 and up. Your Snackeez cup and bowl are dishwasher safe, but top rack only!

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