Automakers are enjoying a big jump in sales. They sold about 1.6 million vehicles in May. That's up nearly 11% from a year ago. Even General Motors, which is currently battling some bad publicity after a slew of recalls, managed to see a 13% increase.

Get ready. Google Glass, the hi-tech eye wear, is getting a makeover. It comes courtesy of fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg. In case you're interested, the new colorful collection goes on sale June 23rd.

We may love dear ole' dad, but it turns out we don't spend quite as much on him as we do on mom.We'll spend about $114 on average for Father's Day this year. That's down from nearly $120 last year. It's also significantly less than the almost $163 we spent on mom. When it comes to what gifts we buy for Dad, more people look for 'experience' gifts like tickets to ballgames or a day of golf. By the way, in case you still need to buy your gift, Fathers Day is June 15th.
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