VIRGINIA BEACH -- As of Tuesday, moped riders could find themselves stopped by police if they don't have their mopeds registered with the Commonwealth.

In 2013, the Virginia General Assembly made registrations and titles for mopeds a requirement.

'With this, it makes it a little bit easier for them to maintain control and be able to track all the vehicles that are on the road,' said Terry Balmer who was shopping for a moped for one of his daughters Monday night.

'It's simple transportation, get people back and forth real easy,' noted Balmer, ''lot of gas mileage, low on cost of gas, especially with the cost of gas right now.'

'Sales have been going up, you know. The gas goes up, scooter sales go up,' A. J. Barrett of Cycle World told 13News Now.

Although lawmakers gave moped owners a year to take care of titling and registration, Barrett said many first-time buyer don't realize both are requirements. He pointed out the change in law does a couple of things.

'So many getting stolen, so easy to steal scooters,' explained Barrett. 'You're going down the street without a plate, the cops are gonna pull you over and find out it's probably stolen. The other thing is people that have DUIs think that they can get a scooter and drive 'em, but they can't, so now they're not going to be able to get a plate for it, and they're not going to be able to drive it.'

To take care of titling a moped, owners pay a one-time fee. There is a cost for registration annually. Virginia Department of Motor Vehiclestakes care of both.

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