Air Travel is about to get more expensive and it has nothing to do with gas prices. Starting next week, a TSA fee will be added to tickets. The fee will increase the ticket price by as much as $22.40 a trip. The price hike is a result of the budget agreement that reopened the government after its shutdown last October. The money won't be used to improve safety. Instead, it's going to the U.S. Treasury to help pay down the federal deficit.

Bad news for chocolate lovers. Hershey is raising its chocolate prices for the first time in three years. That's because soaring cocoa prices are eating into the candy maker's profits, not to mention, prices for milk and nuts are also up The overall price increase is expected to be around 8 percent and Hershey's competitors are expected to raise prices as well.

Are you ready for this...Lay's is introducing cappuccino-flavored potato chips! That's not all. In fact, it's just one of four new flavors to debut this summer. The others are cheddar bacon mac and cheese, mango salsa and wasabi ginger. You'll get the chance to try out all four flavors when they go on sale later this month. People will be able to vote for their favorite flavor online through October 18. The person who submitted the winning flavor is going to get $1 million and their flavor will be sold nationally. It's part of the Lay's company annual 'Do Us a Flavor' contest.
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