PORTSMOUTH -- A new system now available locally could help you protect your valuables.

It's called 'ReportIt.'

The website is a proactive tool that allows you to catalog information about your belongings, including everything from laptops to collectables. According to the infomation they provide, this includes serial numbers, owner applied numbers, photos of property and scans of receipts.

They say that since it's completely internet based, you never have to worry about losing the data you have saved.

Nobody expects to the victim of property crime -- but police say it will help them recover your stolen items, if you are.

'ReportIt' is free and totally safe to use. Police also can't access it, unless you give them the information.

While the system is available to all cities in the Hampton Roads area, we're told that only Chesapeake, and now Portsmouth are using the system locally.

You can learn more about ReportIt from their website at:

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