NORFOLK -- A state audit of IT security and stability at dozens of state agencies and government offices in the Commonwealth of Virginia reveals major holes in the computers that store sensitive information on millions of Virginians.

The state auditor's office conducts audits on the IT systems at state agencies as it inspects their financial books each year.

Goran Gustavsson, who is in charge of auditing state IT systems for the Auditor of Public Accountsoffice, says many agencies are held back by a lack of money in the state budget for IT in their departments.

'I think with the budget constraints that are coming down that keep coming down that it's a challenge for agencies to keep up with the standards coming out,' Gustavsson said.

Tonight on 13News Now at 6 p.m., find out which state agencies were the worst offenders when it comes to potentially jeopardizing your sensitive personal information and watch as an IT security expert reviews the FY 2013 audit for the first time.

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