DARE COUNTY---The North Carolina Department of Transportation is studying how bad traffic is near the Outer Banks.

The research follows numerous complaints from drivers that congestion has increased during the summer months this year.

'You get a backup there every time you stop to make a left turn,' said driver Robert Aldreige.

Aldreige is referring to the intersection of Highways 12 and 158 heading towards Corolla.

It's a common trouble area for traffic backups.

'My experience is that I've sat in traffic a lot there,' added holiday traveler Rick Taylor.

This fall, commissioners in Dare and Currituck counties will get an update from NCDOT.

After Labor Day officials will start analyzing the amount of traffic, the time it happens and the number of accidents near the Outer Banks.

Money for major projects likely won't materialize, but smaller changes like increased signage and traffic light adjustments could make the problem better.

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