When you first see Norfolk Academy's, Schuyler Beecroft on a lacrosse field, your first thought is, how does he do it? 

How does someone of such small stature have such an imposing affect in a match?  That was the case in a recent win over Bishop Sullivan in the TCIS tournament. 

The Bulldogs cruised to an easy win over the Crusaders, and Beecroft, who led the conference in goals with 52, never scored!  His teammates did plenty of scoring. 

"They're so worried about him", says his coach, Tom Duquette.  "He's been playing a long time.  He has a flare for the game."   Beecroft is also pretty quick.

The Bulldogs have been to the Virginia Independent Schools state finals three times during Beecroft's time, and all three times fell short.  He knows in order to finally get a title, he can't do it himself. 

"It's all about team", he says.  Beecroft says you don't have to be physically imposing to play lacrosse.  "You don't have to be big to be good.  You have to have speed and quickness, a low center of gravity.  You can beat anyone." 

His coach agrees.  "You can't teach people to be that quick and that fast.  It creates all sorts of problems, no matter what level." 

Duquette hopes this time around, it leads to a championship.

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