NORFOLK - A Norfolk man's found a creative way to beat the high cost of gasoline.

Art Green swears he's saving 25% after installing lines, jars filled with water and baking soda and splitter cables.

He says he learned about it online, ordered the instruction manuals and converted his Chevy Avalanche in three hours.

Video: Norfolk man swears by gas-saving invention

"That gas is given up and comes out the black hoses and goes through the network of hoses into the air intake of the carburetor, then right into the carburetor there."

He spent about $80.00 and hopes to get 35-40 miles a gallon on the highway instead of his usual 20.

Mechanic Barry Howlett has seen nearly everything in his 20 years looking under the hood.

"I completely understand how he is generating the hydrogen from the distilled water and the coils and the baking soda and where he is injecting it into the fuel system," Howlett said.

Howlett says many conversions don't damage vehicle engines.

"They never knew what ethanol was going to do and how that was going to work out and what kind of problems it was going to cause.and it's still running," he noted.

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