NORFOLK -- Angela Brooks is looking for a man named Jay. She doesn't know his last name, but she knows he's the smooth talking mechanic who took her money.

She paid Jay $280 to fix the side window of her Jeep because it wouldn't roll up or down.

She found Jay from an ad in the yellow pages for Autoworks in Norfolk.

She thought it was perfect because the ad stated mechanics make house calls. That's when Jay showed up.

'He took the door off and there was cable in there that was broken and he told me that is the reason why the window wouldn't work,' she explained.

He said he'd order a part and return in a few days, but he's never shown up.

'Tuesday morning came. I called him and he told me that he would be back. I haven't heard from him,' she added.

There's only a recording on Jay's number now so Brooks can't reach him.

A Better Business Bureau report shows Autoworks in Norfolk is owned by Jack Reid. All the complaints on the BBBsite state the company at 7824 Sewells Point Road cannot be located. That'sthe address printedon Brooks' receipt; however, Sewells Point Road ends in the 7600 block.

Once Brooks discovered that, she knew she had been taken and is warning others now.

'I don't want him to get away with no one else's money because that was really foul what he did,' says Brooks.

Brooks is working to come up money again to get the window fixed because it won't pass inspection without the repair.

She hopes anyone who knows Jay or runs across him will call Norfolk Police right away.

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