What is it ? An Aluminum wallet .

What does it claim? To be indestructible! It's water resistant, ID theft resistant, crush resistant and claims to be ultra-slim.

Who tested it ? Newlywed Ryan Powers.

What Are The Instructions ? It's pretty easy to use. Just unhinge the Aluma Wallet and insert all the things you want to put inside. Your cash, cards and even pictures. Once you've added all that and you're done, then just snap it shut and you're ready to go!

Did it work ? Our tester thought it did an okay job, although he wasn't too impressed. When he held it underwater, the cards and money inside didn't get soaking wet but they did get wet and he didn't think it was all that slim when it came to fitting comfortably in his back pocket.

The tester also says he didn't feel like his cards were securely in there and he could put as much inside as he normally does in his wallet. He plans to stick with his tried and true leather wallet.

Cost/Availability ? You can purchase the Aluma Wallet for $10.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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