What is it? Six plastic interlocking panels that fit together and give sagging cushions new firmness.

What does it claim? To save money and your furniture by lifting and fixing your sagging upholstery.

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Barrett Hannon.

What Are The Instructions? To assemble the furniture fix, you need to first align the interlocking channels and slide the panels together. Then place the assembled panels on the furniture frame where support is needed the most. If the furniture is deep you can adjust the panels by staggering them.

One set of six panels will work for one chair, two sets for a love seat and three sets are needed for a couch.

Furniture Fix also works on beds. For a sagging twin you'll need three sets of Furniture Fix. A full needs four sets, a queen will take five sets and to keep your king size bed from sagging you'll need to get six sets of Furniture Fix.

It's important to note that the Furniture Fix panels may contain sharp edges. So you should use caution when assembling.

Did it work? Our tester admits she was very surprised. She said she didn't expect Furniture Fix to actually work on her sagging couch. But it did. She only had one package which contained six panels. To do her whole couch she really needed three packages of Furniture Fix. But since she only had sagging in the middle of her couch she tried it there and it worked She was impressed and planned to go out and get enough packets of Furniture Fix to do the whole couch.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Furniture Fix for $14.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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