What is it? A winter glove with special stitching on the index finger and thumb to allow you to keep your gloves on while using touchscreens.

What does it claim? To be touchscreen-compatible gloves, because the conductive threads on the index fingers and thumbs convey electrical impulse to the touchscreen.

Who tested it? Mother of two and frequent cell phone user Andy Crowley.

What are the instructions? It doesn't get any easier than this - all you have to do is put the SmarTouch gloves on and you can start using touchscreen right away. There is also a Palm Patch in the middle of the glove to give you better grip

Did it work? Our tester really liked it. Previously, she found trying to answer her phone while walking the dog on a cold winter day, impossible. She would always have to take her gloves off to get the phone and usually by that time, the call would have gone to voicemail or the caller would have hung up. But with the SmarTouch gloves, she can easily answer phone with her gloves on. So she can keep in touch and keep warm at the same time.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the SmarTouch gloves by Isotoner for $14.00 at area Walmart stores.

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