What is it? a plastic tool that keeps comforter corners in place

What does it claim? to be easy to use and attach in seconds. They also claim to fit all sizes/types of duvets and comforters without harming the fabric.

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Lin Miller

What Are The Instructions? First, turn the comforter cover/duvet inside out. Then match each duvet corner with the comforter corner. Next, position the top and bottoms of the duvet donut on either side of fabric. Then push the donut grips together to gently snap in place.

Repeat the steps for the three other grips.

Now turn the comforter/duvet right side out so the donuts are invisibly secured in each inside corner.

To remove the duvet donut, push tabs on top piece away from fabric to unsnap. Repeat steps on remaining grips.

Did it work? Miller thought that the product did what it promised. It did keep the comforter corners in place, but it took a lot of work to put them in place and he still had to spend time smoothing out the sides of the comforter that got moved around.

Overall, Miller says it does work, but it's probably not something he'd purchase.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the set of four hold on! Duvet Donuts at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $5.99.

Additional Comments:
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