VIRGINIA BEACH -- Alana Springsteen is a singer/songwriter and Virginia Beach native. She's also one to watch.

Thursday night was the biggest night yet in her budding music career. The 11-year-old took the stage with one of country music's biggest duo's, Sugarland.

Alana and her family have been making trips to Nashville, to meet with artists and executives in the music business. That's how she met Kristian Bush, one half of the Sugarland duo.

Bush invited Alana and her family to the concert,and then to sign on stage.

'He said you have the opportunity to sing 'Baby Girl' with us, are you ready?And Isaid yes!I'm totally ready,' Alana said.

Alana's parents, David and Shannon, watched in disbelief, as their young daughter fearlessly rocked the crowd.

'As soon as the first verse got done it was like, 'I got this stage!',' David said. 'She was walking around, flipping her hair, andI was like, 'what is going on?',' he said.

The 11-year-old started singing in church, listening to her father at the age of four.Since then, she's sung at area events and one of Governor Bob McDonnell's inauguration parties.

She has also performed the national anthem at Harbor Park before Tides games and at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

'We tell Alana, God opens doors and whenever he opens them, you go,'said Alana's dad, David.

Her supportive family says they'll be behind her all the way, making sure to surround Alana with the right people, and keeping her grounded in the process.

Her proud parents say they're proud that Alana knows her talents are gift, and they hope it stays that way.

'As long as she remembers hat this is a gift that's been given to her to bring happiness and steer people in the right direction, it will always be there.'

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