NORFOLK--More and more businesses are watching social media outlets to track their reputation.

Posts from satisfied and unhappy customers show up on Facebook and Twitter, putting pressure on companies - from restaurants to clothing stores and rental companies - to respond.

'Turned out one of the big amenities being a pier going out to the sound was destroyed and wasn't advertised that way when I rented it,' said Ben Williamson.

He wanted a discount, but the realty company said not at first. But when he said he was going to post his concerns on Facebook, he got hundreds of dollars off this $8,000 weekly rate.

Social media expert Naoma Doriguzzi says it's smart for companies to know what people are saying them and react quickly because one bad experience can reach a lot of people almost instantly

'It's amazing how much faster of a response customers are getting being able to reach the companies and to get issues they have addressed as well as good and bad feedback,' she says.

Customers feel like they're getting what they paid for or being treated fairly.

'It's very gratifying. Otherwise, you would have no leverage in a situation like that,' Williamson states.

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