Virginia's candidates for U.S. Senate are squabbling over the possibility of automatic defense cuts, under a debt reduction mechanism passed in Congress last year known as sequestration, a process that could cost Virginia more than 200,000 jobs.

Opponents of Democratic candidate Tim Kaine have launched a television commercial attacking him. The ad, from the political action committee Crossroads GPS, says,'Tim Kaine supported a deal that would devastate America's defense and Virginia jobs.'

Kaine, appearing today in Norfolk, defended his support of the sequestration bill, saying, 'Look, there were two strategies a year ago around the debt ceiling situation. One, that suggested the nation should default on its credit for the first time ever. My opponent and a few others, they were loud, but they were small in number, promoted that point of view. That would've created a fiscal collapse like the 2008 fiscal collapse.'

Kaine said it was better to accept a bad deal than no deal at all.

As for the Crossroads commercial, Kaine said, 'It's the standard type of name calling politics that asserts we can just say whatever we want and we don't have to be true to the facts and of we just blame the other side, somehow we'll get an edge. Blaming the other side, whichever side is doing it, blaming the other side is not going to solve our problems.'

Republican candidate George Allen disputes Kaine's assertion that he was in favor of the United States defaulting on its debt, and he blames Democrats, like Kaine, for creating the situation in the first place.

'I could never imagine myself ever voting for any deal or scheme that would be so potentially devastating to jobs in Virginia and military readiness,' Allen said in a phone call from Stafford, Virginia, where he was meeting with military contractors. 'What needed to be done is to have leaders actually make decisions, decide where the cuts would be, set priorities,' Allen added.
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