TILLERY, N.C. -- An inmate who escaped from a prison work farm Sunday morning was recaptured Thursday about ten miles from the prison.

51-year-old James Ladd was found about 11:00 a.m. after a passing motorist reported seeing a man running from the woods toward a house.

Ladd was found crouched down inside a garage next to a house on Rt. 125 near Scotland Neck.

He was captured by a prison emergency response team and agents from Alcohol Law Enforcement.

Ladd is serving three consecutive life sentences in connection with the robbery and shooting death of two men on a Yadkin County farm in 1981.

He will now face charges for escape from prison and internal prison disciplinary charges.

Sunday morning, Ladd was operating a tractor on the Tillery prison farm. Guards found the abandoned tractor just before noon.

The search for Ladd over the past four days involved several state and local agencies.

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