PORTSMOUTH-- Soon backyard breeders in Portsmouth could face stricter regulations to breed and sell puppies.

'There are no regulations right now so it's a free-for-all. People are selling pit bull puppies out of their backyard for fifty bucks a pop,' said Christie Chips Peters of the Portsmouth Human Society.

Peters is working with the city's police chief on drafting the new ordinance. She says because of a loophole, people can have up to five dogs over the age of six months on their property.

'If they have 25 puppies under the age of six months, technically they're within the ordinance,' said Peters.

The new ordinance would require breeders to pay for a license and vaccination of their puppies. They also would not be allowed to have more than five dogs in residential areas.

'It should have been done a long time ago,' said Cathy Jordan. She lives next to former Portsmouth mayor Billy Baker.

Last year animal control seized seven of his sick Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies.

'They were loud and they were disturbing the neighbors. They were running around the neighborhood and we couldn't control them,' said Jordan.

Peters says the ordinance is being reviewed by the city attorney. She hopes it will eventually go in front of the city council for a vote.

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