NORFOLK - With high interest in the election, voters reported problems of various kinds at their precincts.

In Norfolk, Donald Belin said the machine malfunctioned when he tried to vote.

'The card popped up, he (worker) tried to put the card back in, it wouldn't go back in, so he called the lady over. She said, 'I can't let him vote.' He said 'he never voted.' They didn't care,' he related.

In Virginia Beach, workers didn't have disabled voting ready, said Betty Doble. 'There has to be a better way,' she said.

Officials, however, said that wasn't the case.

For many voters with medical issues, like Betty Whitehurst, standing in long lines was difficult.

'I'm 24 years old and basically I have the body of someone who is in their 60s,' she said, explaining how Lupus affects her.

Other complaints related incidents of voter identification confusion in Chesapeake.

At the Westover precinct, Kim Parker said poll workers accidentally counted her husband's vote as hers and she wasn't allowed to vote at all.

Another Chesapeake voter said he wasn't given directions on how to fill out the ballot, so he marked an 'X' instead of filling in the box. He hopes his vote will be counted.

In Newport News at B.C. Charles Elementary School, 83 voters claimed they were given the wrong ballot and denied the right to vote. Also in Newport News, a man said he went to vote and was told he'd already voted absentee. He's concerned someone else voted under his name.

In Virginia Beach, some voters complained of checking 'yes' for light rail, but they say the electronic ballot showed 'no.'

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