SUFFOLK -- When election officials completed counting absentee ballots, the number was 326.

326 votes separated Mayor Linda Johnson from the closer of her 2 challengers, Councilman Leroy Bennett.

326 votes allows Johnson to hold onto her position for another term.

'I certainly would have liked to have seen higher numbers, but, you know, a win is a win, and I look forward to representing every single person in Suffolk,' Johnson told 13News Wednesday. 'I think it says everybody worked very hard and really wanted this job, and I'm just very proud to have it.'

The winning margin is especially small compared to the 40,661 total votes cast in the mayor's race.

Another number from elections that stands out: 79, the number of votes that borough Lue Ward a win in his bid to represent Nansemond Borough. Ward will fill the seat currently held by Robert Barclay, IV.

'We really did, some would call it the grass root. We went door to door, every community in the whole part of my Nansemond Borough,' said Ward. 'I'm gonna bring, probably, some fresh ideas. i want to bring some type of togetherness, you know, and I'm gonna serve the people of my borough the best way that I can.'

Of her upcoming term as mayor, Johnson said, 'What's next is to continue getting more jobs, more economic development into our city, making sure we keep improving the community for the lives of our citizens. We're gonna work very, very hard to make Suffolk better and better.

Johnson added, 'We're gonna get a AAA bond rating in the next 4 years. That's my prediction.'

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