VIRGINIA BEACH-- Almost a month ago Ray and Lou Paramore joined the city of Virginia Beach in celebrating Pleasure House Point's conservation, but they didn't realize an important detail was left out of the presentation.

'They made you believe we were getting all of the land until right at the last minute,' said Ray.

The Paramores, along with other people in the Ocean Park neighborhood, found out that a small portion of land in their backyards is still owned by the developers.

The city purchased the land from a local real estate company who planned for intense development on the open acreage lining the Lynnhaven River.

The move to buy the land back for preservation was applauded by homeowners and environmentalists.

'What they're wanting to build on is sitting right in the middle of all of us,' said Lou.

The Paramores have joined other homeowners asking city hall to buy back the remaining four acres of land.

They've started a petition that has close to 300 signatures from the neighborhood alone.

Councilman Bill DeSteph told 13News the city has done more than enough to preserve Pleasure House Point.

'The residents of this neighborhood would have virtually woken up one morning and there would be bulldozers,' said homeowner Robert Neighbors.

DeSteph said they'll discuss the matter during next Tuesdays council meeting, but neighbors are left wondering why they were left out of the loop.

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