JAMES CITY COUNTY-- James City County is gearing up for winter with a new ice arena- minus the ice.

The new rink will actually be made of quarter-inch thick synthetic ice.

Jarrod Hurr is overseeing the project and says the county decided to go with the fake ice because it's cheaper.

'This is plastic, the maintenance is a lot easier. It skates somewhat like the real thing, but it's not quite the maintenance as real ice would be,' Hurr said.

Regular ice skates or hockey skates can be used on the surface. But Hurr says there's a benefit to skating on synthetic ice. 'The learning curve between this and real ice is going to be quicker because there's resistance in the skating.'

The rink is about 90 percent complete. A tent will cover the rink and amenities like benches and tables will be added before skaters start lacing up.

Hurr says it's the first synthetic ice rink in the area. 'We're looking forward to opening up on Black Friday and experiencing ice in New Town.'

The rink will be open from November 23 until January 13.

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