CHESAPEAKE-- Linda Jackson was at a loss for words when she found out her veterinarian of more than 14 years, Dr. Ruth Ann MacQueen had been killed in a car crash.

'I saw her picture, my hand just went on my mouth and I said, 'Oh no,'' said Jackson.

Dr. MacQueen was driving her van when it collided with two teens in an SUV.
13News interviewed the doctor back in 2011 when she nursed a brutally abused dog named Clementine back to health.

'She had a knack with animals that they would just take right to her,' said Jackson.

Dr. MacQueen practiced at Midway Veterinary Hospital in Chesapeake where flowers lay outside the door in remembrance of her.

Jackson said Dr. MacQueen was more than a vet, she had a special connection with people and pets.

'Dr. MacQueen had to put down three of my cats and she was always very sympathetic and you could see the tears in her eyes,' said Jackson.

Clementine's success story was just one way the doctor showed care and love, but her longtime customer said she'll be greatly missed.

'It's a shame that someone has been taken from the community who offered so much,' said Jackson.

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