NORFOLK -- When an employee from Fas Fuel at East Little Creek and Azalea Garden Roads left the business to make a bank deposit, police say someone was in her back seat, waiting.

'She got to the sidewalk. I heard a bunch of screaming. She jumped out of her vehicle. As she did, she hit the gas,' said Barry Weatherspoon who works next to the service station. 'Her truck went into a van. She come running up back towards the gas station.'

Neither the worker nor the driver of the minivan was hurt seriously during the impact on Azalea Garden. Norfolk officers said the robber had a gun and that when the SUV and minivan collided, he took off with the deposit.

'She told me that he put the gun to her head while he was in there and said, 'All I want is your money, sweetie,' and she said that's when she jumped out of the truck and just let it go crash into the other vehicle,' Weatherspoon told 13News. 'He did have a gunning hanging out his hand as he was running.'

'We're all creatures of habit, and you can get to your car a million times and nothing happens, and all it takes is that one time,' noted Officer Chris Amos. 'She was at a place she was very familiar with and very comfortable with in a safe area to her.'

Although something like this could happen any time of year, the start of the holiday season could bring more distractions than usual. Those may draw attention away from general safety practices or make you forget there are predators out there.

'People are looking for opportunities to do things like this, so lock your car doors. Lock the door to your house. Lock your screen door. Keep your garage door down if you're not working in the garage. These are all things we can do to make ourselves, again, not look like a target,' explained Amos.

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