RICHMOND(AP) -- Virginia plans to review school policies and procedures, as well as funding and resource challenges to ensure the safety of students and educators in their classrooms.

Gov. Bob McDonnell on Monday said he's asked Secretary of Education Laura Fornash and Secretary of Public Safety Marla Graff Decker to review recently submitted school safety audits with school superintendents. They'll identify any changes in procedures or additional resources needed in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut.

'I'm going to do everything, certainly that I can, to make sure that we would never have an event like that happen in a Virginia K-12 system,' McDonnell said, alluding to Friday's mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn. elementary school that left 26 dead including 20 children.

McDonnell also created a task force of educators, public safety exports, local leaders and legislators to review school safety. It will provide legislative and budget proposals.

The governor also announced a new position within the state Department of Criminal Justice Services dedicated to issues associated with school and campus safety.

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