GLOUCESTER CO-- A text message that said students would be bringing guns to school on Friday resulted in beefed-up security at Gloucester High School.

School officials and the Sheriff's Department learned of the threat on Tuesday.

Investigators interviewed students, parents and school staff and determined the threat was unfounded but many were still worried.

As a precaution, Gloucester County Deputies, Virginia State Police and officers from the Virginia Marine Police all provided security in and around the school.

Yelsaveta Cheremeteff had lunch with her son at the high school and found things to be cool, calm and collected. But, she added, 'Some of my friends let their children stay home today.'

Teresa Cowan wanted to keep her daughter home, but she had tests to take. 'I told her to be safe and aware.' After the tests were done she picked her daughter up early.

A Sheriff's Department spokesperson says if they find the person responsible for texting the threat, that person could be charged with disrupting the school or making a false threat.

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