VIRGINIA BEACH-- Joe trained with Carla Hesseltine, a sweet lady, who makes sweet cupcakes at her store Just Cupcakes in Virginia Beach.

Hesseltine showed Joe birthday cakes that are her signature creation. 'This is beautiful edible glitter, and yes I have people asking me if can you eat it all the time,' she said.

Hesseltine has appeared on the Cupcake Wars show twice. One time she was a contestant and once she was an all-star, so she knows her stuff.

'Doing Cupcake Wars is the most exciting, most stressful thing I have ever done in 50 years,' Hesseltine said.

In the kitchen she has Jonathan who flips cakes around every five minutes and Nicole who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

Joe was shown the frosting mixer and the cream cheese mixer and the batter mixer. She's proud that she uses fresh ingredients every day.

Hesseltine has a book in her shop that will be available at the bridal shows this weekend in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

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