VIRGINIA BEACH-- Firefighter Martin Grube has extinguished many fires after 30 years as a Virginia Beach firefighter. After retiring, he turned his passion into another profession.

It's called Fire Rescue TV, a video production company. Grube listens to the emergency scanners, and then goes out to fire scenes to shoot video of the rescue.

His office looks like a museum. One of his most well known works is the footage of the jet crash last April in Virginia Beach. 'I wanted to capture that for our local media, for us at Fire Rescue TV. But also for the fire chiefs so they can critique their actions which they have used our footage for that.'

Grube is developing a digital platform for fire stations across the country. It's a way for firefighters to follow other fire stories and learn from them. He'd also like to expand the Fire Rescue TV for consumers.

'The video could show folks how to react in certain situations. One example is how to work a fire extinguisher: pull, aim, squeeze and back and forth sweep.'

You can watch Grube's story live tonight on 13NEWSat 6 p.m.

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