RICHMOND - No legislation will be passed this General Assembly session to give a tax credit for some drivers who pay tolls.

The Virginian-Pilot reports two Hampton Roads lawmakers wanted to give some relief to people who'll use the Midtown and Downtown tunnels next year, but those bills were sent to a legislative panel evaluating state tax policy, which means they have no chance of enactment in this session.

The bills focused on public-private transportation projects, like the Elizabeth River Tunnels Project, where the annual unemployment rate is higher than the state average. It would have let users deduct half of what they pay in tolls from their income for state tax purposes, the Pilot stated.

Tolls for the two tunnels between Norfolk and Portsmouth will take effect in January 2014. Off-peak rates will be $1.59 each way; the peak hour toll will be $1.84. Drivers that use the MLK Extension and one of the tunnels as part of a single trip will pay $0.50 to use the extension. Cars that use only the MLK Extension will pay $1.00.

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