NORFOLK -- V.I.P. Those three letters described a special fan in the stands for Friday night's Admirals game at Scope - 'Wheel of Fortune' host Pat Sajak.

'We're huge hockey fans, nuts!' said Sajak, who was here with his son, Patrick. 'When we made these arrangements, there was a lockout in the NHL and we're big hockey fans and we live part of the year in Maryland and we go to a lot of (Washington) Caps games so we thought we may not see any hockey. We hadn't been down here and we thought it would be fun and it has been.'

The NHLlockout is over and the pro players return to the ice tomorrow. Sajak said his goal was to spend quality time with his son, catching some action on the ice that they've sorely missed because of the work stoppage.

'He's like 'what am I supposed to do now, homework?'' Sajak said.

Sajak has hosted 'Wheel' for 30 years. He says one of show's highlights was taping at Naval Station Norfolk on USS Eisenhower back in 1995.

'It was the most amazing location in which we've ever done the show,' Sajak said. 'It was a great, great experience. I served in the Army in Vietnam and we have a lot of military weeks on the show and we're always very proud when we do that.'

You may not know it, but because they shoot multiple shows in a day, the actual time Pat, Vanna, and the gang are filming'Wheel of Fortune'is only about 39 days out of the year. That allows him to spend quality time with his son, watching quality hockey in an area he loves.

He had a special message for all of the Wheel Watchers herein the 757.

'Thanks for years of loyal viewership,' Sajak said. 'This is one of our strong markets and we're greatful for that.'

By the way, Pat Sajak told us his favorite letters in Hampton Roads are: W.V.E.C.

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