NORFOLK-- The Virginia House of Delegates passed the so-called 'Tebow Bill' Friday, that would allow home-schoolers the chance to play on public school sports teams.

Carlena Mills, a Norfolk mother of two young children, is looking forward to the possibility for her kids.

'It's very rewarding to be a home-school parent, and I think it would be just as rewarding to see him play sports with everybody else,' said Mills.

Recently, Carlena took her 7-year-old son Christopher out of the Norfolk Public School System.

She says she's happy with her decision but admits there are some challenges.

'He loves basketball, track and field, and he loves to run. That's something that he did a lot at school, when they had the racing activities, he loved to do that,' said Mills.

The 'Tebow Bill' would give Christopher and thousands of other Virginia home-schoolers the chance to participate in public sports.

The bill's nickname is from the famed NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, who was home-schooled and allowed to play high school football.

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